Vasundhara | Item Code: 3259 | Price: NPR 45000 | ANTIQUE GOODS – STATUE

Vasundhara | Product Code: 3259 | Price: NPR 45000

Weight: 2000 grams | Size: 20 cm | Material: 5 metal Bronze

Available: Sold (Note: Delivery after purchase inquiry)

Minimum Quantity to order: 1
Wholesale Quantity to order: 100


This is not exactly an antique or an old piece. This may have a history of over 15 years or so, but the specialty of this piece is its composition of metal. This is a bronze statue, made up of five metal representing the five tathagata,
Silver “White” representing Vairochana, Zinc “Bluish” Representing Akshobhya, Gold “yellow” representing Ratna sambhava, Copper “red” Representing Amitava, Tin “Gray” representing ” Amogshiddhi”

Category: ANTIQUE GOODS in Nepal | Sub-Category: STATUE

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