Depankar Buddha

Depankar Buddha | Item Code: 693 | Price: NPR 10000 | NEPALI STATUES – BUDDHA

Depankar Buddha | Product Code: 693 | Price: NPR 10000

Weight: 1300 grams | Size: 15 cm | Material: Copper

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Minimum Quantity to order: 1
Wholesale Quantity to order: 100

Depankar Buddha

Dipankar Buddha is a deity of mahayana Buddhism. He is the “Enlightener” and one of the earliest of the many assumed predecessors of Gautam Buddha added as the twenty fifth. he is said to have come form Deepavati, a mythological city. At the moment of his birth three was a miraculas manifestation of a large number of bright lamps (Dipa), hence he was named Dipankar. Dipankar Buddha is believed to have lived 100000 years on earth. dipankar Buddha represented with the right hand in Abhaya Mudra and left shows a varada. He is either sitting or standing with a monastic garment draped over the left shoulder with pleated edge. Where as the lower garments is pleated in a manner of a flowering skirt.

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