Nairatma | Product Code: 157 | Price: NPR 12000

Weight: 1200 grams | Size: 22 cm | Material: Copper

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Minimum Quantity to order: 1
Wholesale Quantity to order: 100


The word Nairatma means having no soul and is another name for Surya. there of Nairatma is in many respect similar to the form of Vajravarahi, She is blue in color while Vajravarahi is red in color. Vajravarahi is emanation of Vairochana so there should be the image of Vairochana on th crown ; While Nairatma being an emanation of Akshyobhay should bear the image of Akshobhya on the crown. like Vajravarahi She stand in the Ardhapayanka in a dancing attitude on the moon over the chest of a corpse. her face looks terrible with bare fangs an protruding tongue. She carries the Katri in the right hand and bears the Kapala ant kartwang in the left

Category: NEPALI STATUES in Nepal | Sub-Category: VAJRAVARAHI

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