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Weight: 3000 grams | Size: 25 cm | Material: Copper

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Virupa was born a crown prince, the son of King Suvarnacakra (gser-gyi ‘khor-lo) of the city
off Vesasa in eastern India. The court astrologers predicted at his birth that he would develop
tremendous spiritual powers and would illuminate the teachings. He was given the name
Rupyacakra (dngul-gyi ‘khor-lo). As a young child, he entered the famous monastery of
Somapura in North Bengal where he received novice ordination from the abbot Vinitadeva and
the Acharya Jayakirti. He mastered all the five major sciences and became a great scholar of
both Buddhist and non-Buddhist doctrines. It was here that he built a stone temple in which
he installed holy images of the Buddha. He established a tradition of making regular offerings
to cleanse the misdeeds of his deceased parents. When the temple was complete, he offered a
big celebratory feast to the whole monastic community and dedicated the merits.

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